Belacan Kuala Perlis

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Product Information

Product Code: IDMTB 0010-036
Berat Bersih/ Net Weight: 450mg
Jangkahayat/ Shelf life: 12 months from manufacturing date.
Bentuk/ Form: Rounded Paste.
Asal/ Origin: Malaysia

Shrimp paste or Belacan as it is commonly known rich in protein and vitamins and essential ingredient for making chili pastes and curry pastes in Asian cooking. It must be cooked before consuming and it adds a delicious aroma to cooked food. The lighter type of shrimp paste is used mainly for making dipping sauces or as marinades and the darker ones for making curry paste.

Belacan name in different country.

Malaysia – Belacan
Indonesia – Terasi
Thailand – Ngapi
Vietnam – Mam Ruoc
Philippines – Balachong
Burma – Pazun Ngapi
Hong Kong – Hom Ha

Grade:  A
Shape: Rounded
Weight: 450 gm
Price: RM 7.00

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