One Drop Perfume

Product Information

Product Code: IDMTB 0030-0052
Berat Bersih/ Net Weight:
Jangkahayat/ Shelf life: 24 months from manufacturing date.
Bentuk/ Form: Liquid.
Asal/ Origin: Malaysia
Pengiktirafan/ Recognition: HALAL & GMP

Harga/ Price:
West Malaysia: RM
East Malaysia: RM
International: USD


One Drop Perfume 2B

One Drop Perfumes was first introduced to the Malaysian market in 2007 to fill in the gap in the perfume industry for fragrance that does not contain alcohol or water, which commonly termed as fine fragrance. In the few months of its debut, the brand faced consumers’ skepticism, as the concept of fine fragrance was relatively unfamiliar back then. Moreover the fine fragrance was frequently mistaken as ‘attar’, a traditional perfumes with an overpowering woody scents.

After some education through sampling, advertising and promotional activities, the consumers begun to appreciate the quality and value of One Drop Perfumes. Most importantly the consumers are now offered with choices of familiar scents but without the alcohol, water or other commercial fillers.

Since then, One Drop Perfumes has taken the market at a phenomenal growth. The products being distributed by over 18,000 representatives and independent retailers in Malaysia. To date over 3,000,000 boxes were sold resulting in many happy customers and many more financially independent representatives. The number is also growing in Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

At One Drop, we feel that it has been far too long consumers have been paying too much for products containing more water and alcohol than the fragrance itself. We have had that changed and the explosive demand for One Drop Perfumes now is attributed to our superior fragrances that exceed customers’ expectation not just in the quality, choices but also prices.

Anyway, we feel that it is best if we let you be the judge of it all…..